Powder Fire Extinguisher For Multiple Purposes

Jannie Delucca
Powder Fire Extinguisher For Multiple Purposes

The power of powder lies in its versatility. As a multi-purpose extinguisher, a powder fire extinguisher can tackle many fires that most other types cannot do. It is no wonder that you would often see this efficient firefighting tool in most homes, offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other commercial areas. These extinguishers contain powder, an extinguishing agent that can put out Classes A, B, and C fires. And although they are not designed for electrical fires, they are safe to use around electrical equipment.

Ordinary Combustibles

Class A is the most common type of fire originating from ordinary combustible items or solid organic materials such as wood, cloth, rubber, plastics, paper, furnishings, fabrics, and other types of similar items. This type is easy to tackle, as you have to remove any of the following: heat, oxygen, fuel, or any underlying chemical reaction, if any.

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