Trouble brewing: India losing Italian coffee market to Uganda

There is extra difficulties brewing for Indian coffee exporters, who are not just going through a slump in total demand from customers due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but also staring at a reduction of share in Italy, their major export market, to exporters from Uganda.

Indian coffees are going through stiff levels of competition from low-price tag producer Uganda in the Italian market, which they have been dominating for more than earlier 3 a long time now. Italy accounts for about a fifth of India’s coffee exports.

Indian coffees in Italy are mainly sold in the premium section, these as in cafes and coffee bars. Brazil, the major coffee producer, dominates the Italian market with half the market share, adopted by India, which has a share of close to twenty per cent, and other key producers these as Vietnam and Uganda.

“The Ugandans are making an attempt to get as

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