Cisco Sued for Discrimination Based on Caste

Jannie Delucca

In an unconventional situation of discrimination by caste, the state of California has alleged two supervisors at Cisco Devices harassed a fellow Indian-American worker since he will come from the lowest social group in India’s caste procedure.

The fit filed on Tuesday by California’s Section of Honest Work and Housing (DFEH) also names Cisco as a defendant, professing the networking equipment giant unsuccessful to avert the alleged harassment of an engineer identified only as John Doe or handle the problem of caste-centered discrimination in its workforce.

“For many years, related to Doe’s workforce, Cisco’s technical workforce has been — and proceeds to be — predominantly South Asian Indian,” the DFEH explained in its criticism, noting that much more than 70% of Cisco’s H1-B visa staff arrive from India.

U.S. work regulation does not especially bar caste-centered discrimination but the DFEH contends Cisco subjected Doe to “disparate terms and problems of work centered on his faith, ancestry, national origin/ethnicity, and race/colour.”

“It is unacceptable for office problems and alternatives to be decided by a hereditary social standing decided by birth,” DFEH Director Kevin Kish explained in a information launch. “Employers must be geared up to avert, remedy, and prevent unlawful carry out towards staff since of caste.”

In accordance to the DFEH, Doe was born at the base of India’s caste hierarchy as a Dalit, when called “untouchables.” As a principal engineer at Cisco, he has labored with a workforce of totally Indian personnel, all of whom, apart from for him, are from greater castes.

As beneficiaries of the caste procedure, Doe’s greater caste supervisors Sundar Iyer and Ramana Kompella and co-staff allegedly “imported the discriminatory system’s methods into their workforce and Cisco’s office.”

“Doe was envisioned to accept a caste hierarchy within just the office where Doe held the lowest standing within just the workforce and, as a final result, obtained a lot less pay back, much less alternatives, and other inferior terms and problems of work,” the fit claims.

The DFEH also statements Doe’s supervisors retaliated towards him when he “unexpectedly opposed the unlawful methods, contrary to the classic get concerning the Dalit and greater castes.”

A 2018 study by the civil rights group Equality Labs identified that sixty seven% of Dalits felt they were taken care of unfairly at their U.S. workplaces.

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