Dying For a Steak?

I adore a decent steak ho chi minh, a pleasant delicious porterhouse or cut of

I adore a decent steak ho chi minh, a pleasant delicious porterhouse or cut of prime rib, pink in the center with a trace of red. All around prepared with garlic, onion, and pepper, makes my mouth water simply expounding on it. Toss in some seared potatoes, a roll, and some green beans(with bacon and onions) and I’m in hoard paradise, actually I’m apprehensive. Visit us to get more special menus steak ho chi minh.

In the same class as it sounds and tastes, that is a formula for an early demise.

The National Cancer Institute (US) ; completed a multi year study with more than 500,000 moderately aged and old Americans ; and found of the 47,976 men and 23,276 ladies that kicked the bucket during the investigation:

Women ;that ate the most red meat, about 4 ounces a day, were 36 percent more likely to die for any reason, 20 percent from ;heart disease, and 50 percent from ;cancer.

  Men ;that ate the most red meat were 31 percent more likely to die for any reason, 22 percent from ;heart disease, and ;27 percent from ;cancer.

  Ladies that ate the most handled meats (frankfurter, cold cuts, and sausage) were 25 percent bound to bite the dust for any reason,11 percent from malignant growth, and 38 percent from coronary illness.

  Men that ate the most processed meats ; were ;16 percent more likely to die for any reason,12 percent from cancer, and ;9 percent from heart disease.

  Those that ate the most white meat ; were 8 percent less likely to die for any reason.

Does this mean you have to give up red meat entirely? No, it just means ;it should be savored occasionally and not gorged upon daily.

Why do we love red meat so much if it’s unhealthy for us? For the answer we need to look to our primitive ancestors. What did they eat and how did they get it?

They ate small animals and birds that could be killed or disabled with a well thrown rock or a swing of a club. Fruits, grains, nuts, ;and berries they found while hunting for meat. Fish that could be caught by hand or spear ;in shallow water. ;Sometimes they would get lucky and find a larger animal with a broken leg or left overs from a large predator’s kill, a rare treat, time for a feast.

For thousands of years that was our diet, we evolved eating small animals, poultry, fish, nuts, fruit, and berries.

Over time they learned to cooperate, corner a large beast and kill it together. They didn’t know it would kill them early. When some one died they were just dead and life went on for the rest.

Am I going to stop eating red meat? Not yet, I’ll still enjoy a steak house ho chi minh or a cheese burger at times. But not often or in large amounts when I do. Will I ; enjoy it as much knowing it is killing me slowly? Time will tell. For now moderation is the word.

Fortunately I like chicken, turkey, and many types of fish. Well prepared they can be just as satisfying as beef.

Am I ;going to die for a steak? No way, will you?