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In other not to take the wrong steps, many people now read reviews about companies before transacting or doing business with any company they come across. To make things easy so that people will not be wondering about before they can read reviews about companies, some companies have come up with ideas on how to go about that. They look for companies that are popular or just starting, take a look at their products or services and write reviews about them so that people can read for free and before transacting with them. There are two big reasons why reviews on review sites are a big deal.

The first reason is that business reviews and social posts help shape a company’s online reputation. The worst thing a business can do to itself is to ignore online reviews and social posts. There are cases that a company may face challenges as a result of managerial problems, most businesses do recover back from it as they make a change in the hierarchy of the company, same way it is possible to redeem a company’s online review. Even as reputation is unavoidable in every business, a business can still take every step to mitigate the degree of damage that can occur to it, by putting its online review in good standing. However, if a company refuses to take steps in participating in helping to shape conversations about its company, then there is a serious problem ahead.

The second reason is that business reviews give valuable feedback to businesses. A business entity has no other option than to take negative comments to heart, so it is also essential for them to recognize and understand that reviews are constructive feedbacks that help a company to grow. All in all, reviews are tools that allow companies to gauge their performances and helps them understand the next line of action and things they can do to improve their services.

In the United States, some sites write reviews about companies. These sites are places where novices go to know the reputation of a particular company so they could read about their recent performance before going ahead to do business with them. We shall take a brief look at some of those companies like us, kiyoh, trust pilot, and so on.


Not less than 8,000 online shops make good use of kiyoh whenever they want to read a review about a company.

Trust pilot

With this company, your trust is firm with the company you want to deal with, but sometimes some companies do have deficiencies. In the case of trust pilot, they remove reviews if a company pays them to remove bad reviews for them.


This site is a site that collects reviews and experiences about companies. They allow people to give independent reviews about their deals with companies so that other people will not fall victim. Unlike other companies, they are an independent body that has their means of making money aside what companies give them before they list them on their website.