Transport Ministry proposes to defer emission norms for tractors

Jannie Delucca

The Highway Transport and Highways Ministry has proposed to defer the time for implementing the next phase of emission norms for tractors by one particular year to Oct one, 2021. This follows the ask for of the Agriculture Ministry, tractor manufacturers, and agriculture associations.

Also, for development gear vehicles, the next stage of emission norms are proposed to be relevant with impact from Apr one, 2021, providing a deferment of six months.

The Ministry also proposes to individual the emission norms for agricultural machinery (agricultural tractors, ability tillers and mixed harvesters) and development gear vehicles.

“Considering the ask for of the Ministry of Agriculture, tractor manufacturers, and agriculture associations to supply some far more time in implementing the next phase of emission norms for tractors relevant with impact from Oct one, 2020, the same has been proposed to be deferred to Oct one, 2021,” according to an formal statement.

The Ministry of Highway Transport and Highways has invited strategies and feedback from the general public and all stakeholders on a draft notified on August five.

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