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How do you establish a widespread long term from a legacy of conflict? Willpower goes a very long way, as the record of the EU exhibits – but constructing bridges is not straightforward. EU-funded researchers are analysing collective reminiscences of earlier strife that even now impacts group relations these days, in a bid to assistance progress European integration.


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The EU-funded REPAST task is discovering how societies offer with the very long shadow of earlier conflicts, in a bid to generate insights and give suggestions for policymakers and civil culture. Scenario studies are becoming executed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Ireland, Poland and Spain.

‘We want to realize what areas of different tricky legacies live on in a problematic vogue these days and build hurdles to the integration and relations of the different populations in Europe,’ says task coordinator Dimitra Milioni of the Cyprus University of Technological innovation. ‘To do so, we are investigating how conflict discourses are becoming formulated and disseminated in the public sphere.’

As of March 2020, the project’s wide info-collection work out has been completed, and the researchers have started to system the in depth content they have gathered. The results in and properties of specific conflicts may vary, but the researchers even now expect to obtain commonalities in the handling of unpleasant and potentially contested collective reminiscences, Milioni describes.

Illuminating record

‘Our objective is to get there at some sort of typology of troubled earlier discourses these days,’ she says. ‘We’re analysing how people in different cultures and nations arrived to try to remember the resources of these conflicts and how they negotiate and ideally renegotiate the preliminary triggers. And we also want to see how all this is connected to Europe these days, and European integration.’

Northern Ireland, for instance, is a person territory wherever the earlier is by no means much absent.

‘There’s a frequent undercurrent of rigidity, in particular all over controversial issues,’ Milioni describes. ‘It is an illustration of how even a settled troubled earlier can re-emerge and could potentially also be revived, in particular as a result of political discourse, from time to time as a result of media discourse, but also as a result of public discourse.’ In REPAST’s other scenario study nations, the problem is very similar.

The project’s info collection viewed as 4 places of expression: politics, record – each oral and formal – and the media, as very well as artwork and tradition. It integrated functions as diversified as interviewing locals about their have recollections of earlier functions or about the reminiscences that have been handed on to them by elders, discovering regular and citizen media, scouring get together manifestos and viewing stage performances.

‘In Cyprus, for instance, we identified out that different artists are working with political dance, which is not widely known,’ she says. ‘We noticed how this sort of inventive exercise in fact attempts to recreate the earlier, and potentially also problems hegemonic representations of this earlier.’

Fast ahead

The emphasis in the task, which is owing to end in April 2021, will now change from info collection to info analysis, and to the manufacturing of means and tips for policymakers – each in the REPAST scenario study nations and at EU degree – and civil culture organisations these kinds of as non-governmental organisations invested in peacebuilding.

Other target audiences in places with a bitter legacy include things like tourist guides, for whom REPAST intends to organise seminars and produce e-finding out products. A info platform will empower any individual with an fascination to discover, evaluate and distinction details gathered by the task and access its different other outputs, Milioni notes. The companions are also preparing to formulate methodology to aid long term investigate in the field.

One software beneath development is an on line recreation that fosters players’ capability to assess historic details. Several variations of the recreation, which is mainly meant for schoolchildren, will be made to fit distinct ages and countrywide contexts.

‘REPAST strives to convey the thought that record as taught in universities, for illustration, or as introduced in public discourse, is constantly made,’ Milioni emphasises. ‘As citizens, we will need to just take a step back, we will need to establish the expertise to realize that what is becoming projected corresponds to a distinct place of see, to a distinct entry place.’

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