Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF launched today

The most current addition to our preset money ETF (exchange-traded fund) lineup is now readily available. Vanguard Extremely-Brief Bond ETF (VUSB) is built to be a lower-price solution for investors with expected income wants within just six to 18 months.

If you’re conserving for a brief-time period purpose or building your emergency fund, Vanguard Extremely-Brief Bond ETF supplies an expense different to cash marketplaces or brief-time period bonds.

Set your price savings to operate

Irrespective of whether you’re conserving for a car or a family vacation or socking absent cash for a wet day, our new Vanguard Extremely-Brief Bond ETF delivers perhaps greater returns on your income although maintaining your chance lower.

“Vanguard Extremely-Brief Bond ETF delivers the attributes of an ETF structure for investors in search of an solution for expected income wants in the variety of six to 18 months,” explained Kaitlyn Caughlin, head of Vanguard Portfolio Critique Division. “An ultra-brief tactic bridges the hole between cash industry funds featuring a secure share selling price and brief-time period bond funds, which are meant for longer expense time horizons.”

A closer glance at our new ETF

The Extremely-Brief Bond ETF is a lower-price, diversified, actively managed fund that:

  • Seeks to offer latest money and constrained selling price volatility.
  • Has a very similar tactic to Vanguard Extremely-Brief-Expression Bond Fund, and targets the exact same common duration—approximately 1 calendar year.
  • Has a competitive approximated expenditure ratio of .ten%, compared with the common expenditure ratio for ultra-brief-time period bond ETFs of .22%.*
  • Is recommended by Vanguard Fastened Money Team, one of the world’s biggest preset money managers with oversight of $two trillion in global belongings as of February 28, 2021.
  • Is co-managed by Samuel C. Martinez, CFA Arvind Narayanan, CFA and Daniel Shaykevich.
    • Samuel has worked in expense administration since 2010.
    • Arvind has worked in expense administration since 2002 and joined Vanguard in 2019.
    • Daniel, a Vanguard principal, has worked in expense administration since 2001 and joined Vanguard in 2013.

How this ETF compares to cash industry funds and brief-time period bond funds

Extremely-brief-time period bond funds generally offer you a greater yield than cash industry funds, lender products and solutions, and CDs (certificates of deposit). Having said that, for the reason that ultra-brief-time period bond products and solutions have fluctuating share price ranges, they shouldn’t be viewed as a substitute for cash industry funds, which traditionally have aimed to retain a secure share selling price of $1.

The Extremely-Brief Bond ETF is envisioned to have reduce volatility than brief-time period bond products and solutions, which tend to be additional sensitive to curiosity fee modifications for the reason that of their longer-time period bond holdings.

Vanguard has provided ETFs since 2001. With the addition of our new ETF, Vanguard now delivers 20 U.S.-domiciled preset money ETFs symbolizing additional than $three hundred billion in consumer belongings.**

Conserving for a brief-time period purpose?

*Source: Regular expenditure ratios for ultra-brief-time period bond investments are .45% for mutual funds and .22% for ETFs, or a combined common of .forty three%, as of February 28, 2021, in accordance to Lipper, a Thomson Reuters Company.

**Belongings less than administration ended up $309.8 billion as of February 28, 2021.


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“Vanguard Extremely-Brief Bond ETF released these days”, four out of five based mostly on 675 ratings.